Seibert and Son General Contractors


"Your ability to help us solidify our thoughts allowed us to gain an enormous amount of value out of the process..."

J. Robert White
Georgia Baptist Convention

Mastering the science of real estate development requires a good bit of intuition. We understand every element of the development process. From accurate and thorough site analysis, to navigating the complex zoning process and helping you obtain the greatest value for your budget. We know the physical, political and financial lay of the land. And we can effectively guide you through this vital stage to help you move your project on to the construction phase.

Site Analysis

Site Analysisgbc_site_selection

Only years of experience can ensure the proper analysis of a potential site to determine the feasibility of the intended use. The intuition that we have developed through our time and experience in the industry is applied to the analysis of your site. But, beyond the initial intuition, engineering and scientific analysis must follow to make an informed decision about the ultimate viability of a particular parcel. Our knowledge of the right questions to ask, what specific tests to perform or which engineer to employ, blend to form our comprehensive site selection methodology.




A truly successful zoning effort is the result of many hours of behind the scenes work in addition to the preparation of the actual application. The steps of the complex zoning process include discussion and negotiation with professional planning staff members, homeowners, civic associations, and political figures as well. We work with all the parties involved to determine their needs and desires, to reach a mutually acceptable solution for even the most controversial re-zonings which are often required for a construction or development project.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Every project ultimately comes down to the money—the budget. A reality we must all live with. Our years of experience in financing a multitude of projects involving hundreds of millions of dollars positions us to analyze your project to determine its economic viability no matter how small or large. Often this will require phasing or changing the planned project to allow it to go forward with a better likelihood of financial success. Ultimately, we help you understand the tangible opportunities and limits of your budget—and how to get the most value for each dollar.